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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Deliverance from succubus demon0December 14, 2020Details
Prayer Req Testing0October 31, 2020Details
World Peace0October 31, 2020Details
Calm3October 1, 2020Details
Repentance and Deliverance4September 20, 2020Details

Deliverance from succubus demon

Daryl Drennan
I'm ashamed of it and admit that I had recently fallen back into the sins of masterbation and pornography. I have repented and have shut the door on these sins as of a few days ago and don't want these sins anymore. I've been praying and fasting the past few days. There's been a succubus demon that has been molesting me and touching my body, it's been tormenting me and I need deliverance. Please pray for me, I need God's help and deliverance, thank you and God bless you.

Prayer Req Testing

Taiwo Akinseloyin
Prayer for your little boy in Maryland.

World Peace

I would like prayers for the world we leave in, may God Almighty bring His peace on earth.


Pray for calm in my life

Repentance and Deliverance

Hi my name is Alex and I watched your sermon today on Saul and his disobedience and rebellion against God. It really spoke to me because I find myself to be like him in many ways; impulsive, disobedient, blaming others, and manipulative. But the Word really spoke to me about how I'm living my life and the compromises I have made. I have been involved in pornography, which God had took away years ago when I first came to Him. However, like the Pastor was saying when Saul did not completely destroy the Amalkites it ended up killing him. Because I wouldn't give up homosexuality from the heart and holding on to it, it has slowly corrupted my inner life and outside world. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you.
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